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Traffic Signal Brackets (Mast Arms)
Suspended Mount: Bronze universal joint and wire outlet FAB-329. It features stainless steel hardware and adjustable mounting holes. This bracket hangs from the Mast Arm and allows wire entrance into the traffic signal. The Bracket is NJDOT approved.

Traffic Signal Brackets (Multiple Signal Cast Brackets)
These brackets can be used with Side of Pole, Pole Top, Mast Arm or Span Wire Signal Brackets to accommodate installation of multiple signals. They are available with hollow top and bottom or hollow top and T-Bar Bottoms. 8" and 12" signals can be combined by using a spacer pipe. The 3/way in line bracket can also be used as a 2/way bracket. As with all overhead signals, safety chain should be installed.

The brackets are ASTM B-26 cast aluminum with SAE 40 bronze chase nipples and stainless steel hardware. All threaded holes are 1.5 NPS with the top outlet having two 1/4 - 20 locking set screws.

Most brackets are in stock. Brackets are provided painted federal yellow. Other colors or a natural finish is available.

Lightweight Aluminum Castings Bronze Chase Nipples
Stainless Steel Hardware Integral Cast Serrations
Double Locking Set Screws

Traffic Signal Brackets
The FABCON signal bracket can be mounted on poles or mast arms; vertically or horizontally. It can be easily installed by inserting and slightly rotating the signal bracket section into the banded clamp section. After final adjustments and wiring are complete, the assembly can be locked in place with stainless steel hardware.

Lightweight Aluminum Construction Fully Adjustable
Stainless Steel Hardware Simplified Installation
Three Axis Rotation Mounting Flexibility

Jenny Sign Brackets
The Jenny Sign Bracket allows level mounting of traffic and street signs on Traffic Pole Mast Arms. The spring damper design limits additional wind loading to the Pole while keeping the sign visible during wind gusts. The bracket is adjustable to accommodate various angles and is constructed from aluminum alloy with stainless steel hardware. Each bracket assembly includes an inner (fixed) bracket, an outer (adjustable) bracket and sign connecting hardware. The brackets are attached using double stainless steel banding (not included). Two fixed or adjustable brackets may be used on horizontal arms.

Traffic Signals

Polycarbonate 8" and 12" Signals, Standard, Aluminum Available
NJDOT Approved Signals in stock for Knockdown Replacement
Alzark Reflectors, Tunnel Polycarbonate Visors, Polycarbonate Lens
Yellow Housings and Visors Standard
Components available

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