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Sand Castings
Aluminum Alloys: #319, 365, 356-T6, 44
Tenzalloy Alloy: #713
Red Brass: C83600 (85-5-5-5), #115
Manganese Bronze: C86500 #421

Permanent Mold Castings
Aluminum Alloy: #356, 356-T6

We sell many varieties of custom castings in Aluminum or Brass. If you need a custom machine part, doors, ornate objects, industrial components, or anything else that might require Aluminum or Brass castings we would be happy to work with you.

Our custom castings range from a few ounces to hundreds of pounds. We will make individual castings, however ordering in larger quantities will be more cost effective. For larger quantities or recurring orders we will help design or modify the pattern or casting to best fit your need.

We can machine, powder coat and assemble your products in our machine shop. If you would like more information regarding custom castings, please call (908) 782-6317 and ask for Jim or email fab@embarqmail.com with "Custom Castings" in the title.

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For more information, please contact FAB by calling 908-782-6317
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