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Flemington Aluminum & Brass Inc, is a third generation, family run business, established 1941. We manufacture custom aluminum, bronze castings, cast plaques, cast metal letters provide traffic control, public works and street lighting products.

Our traffic line products include traffic signals, aluminum poles, mast arms, transformer bases, manholes, cast cabinets, junction boxes, traffic signal brackets, plastic bases, aluminum poles, aluminum pole bases, and fire alarm pedestals.

Our cast metal letters come in twenty-six contemporary styles. Most are available in upper and lower case. All letters are available in bronze or aluminum. Our cast plaques can be made in any letter style, large size capability - up to 96"x96" in one piece. Custom logos or logo types can be reproduced economically from camera ready artwork.

Our facility is located in Flemington, NJ and includes a pattern shop, foundry, machine shop and warehouse. The pattern shop manufactures wood and metal pattern equipment master and permanent mold patterns models and injection molding equipment. The foundry uses sand and permanent molds to produce various types of aluminum and bronze castings. The most commonly poured alloys are ASTM B-26:319,356,443 aluminum and SAE 40 bronze. Aluminum castings usually weigh between 1 and 500 pounds but we have poured castings up to 1800 pounds.

Our machine shop, (while providing some custom casting users with an economical source for light machining) chiefly designs, machines, assembles and distributes our own products. Machine shop operations include welding, fabricating, machining, painting, pipe threading, polishing and assembly.

We would like to add you to our list of satisfied customers, and if we can assist you in any way, please let us know.

Flemington Aluminum & Brass, Inc., - 24 Junction Road - Flemington, NJ 08822
For more information, please contact FAB by calling 908-782-6317
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